Nose Threadlift: The Latest Nose Aesthetic Procedure | Tiffiny Yang Aesthetics & Surgery ♡

Orchard Building #12-02
1 Grange Road
Singapore 239693
(above H&M fashion store)

+65 6338 9448
+65 9186 0805


Opening Hours:
Mondays to Fridays: 1100am – 2000pm
Saturdays: 1100am – 1400pm (by appointment only)



Tiffiny Yang Aesthetics & Surgery has shifted!

Address and details updated – please refer to the block above :)

The clinic has a brand new face lift as well that I absolutely adore! It is much more roomy now and makes waiting more at ease :)

The Latest Nose Aesthetic Procedure: Nose Threadlift

And so, I went for Nose Threadlift at Tiffiny Yang Aesthetics & Surgery last Friday, and I am absolutely loving it!

This is a relatively new procedure here in Singapore, while in Korea and Japan, it has been in trend for some time. As compared to fillers, this has a more lasting effect, but together with fillers, Nose Threadlift has the best results for nose contouring and high bridge.

Nose Threadlift is alike Rhinoplasty, but non-surgical and has practically no down time at all. It does not involve going under the knife if you are conservative and concerned about that. And the best thing is, without all of those scary things, it has about the same effect of a plastic nose job!

I will be sharing about this latest amazing nose aesthetic procedure so read on to find out more :)

What is Nose Threadlift?

Nose Threadlift is an aesthetic procedure that can improve your nose contours and also enhance the shape and height of your nose without surgery. This is a very popular procedure in Korea and Japan. It is commonly known as the “lunch-time” nose lift in Korea and Japan because of its minimal down time.

The procedure is specially targeted on giving you a straighter, higher and more defined nose bridge or nose tip. In addition, Nose Threadlift can also lift your nose tip and make it appear smaller and sharper.

Results produced by Nose Threadlift:

✿ Lifting of the nose tip to make it sharper and smaller
✿ Straighter nose profile
✿ Greater definition of the nose bridge
✿ Higher nose bridge

How does Nose Threadlift work?

The threads used for the Nose Threadlift procedure are called PDO (polydixanone) threads. The PDO threads have been scientifically proven to be fully absorbed by the body after some time. As the PDO threads dissolve over time, they create new collagen, and tissue fibroblasts in the skin, which results in tighter skin, hence enhancing the nose’s definition and contour.

In addition, once inserted, the nose threads act as a scaffolding structure which immediately helps to contour, give definition, sharpen, lift and or shape the nose as desired without surgery.

This is what the threads used in Tiffiny Yang Aesthetics & Surgery look like.

Why Nose Threadlift?

People strongly believe that the only way to achieve a higher, more defined nose is to undergo an invasive nose implant surgery – which in actual fact, Nose Threadlift – a non-surgical and minimally invasive procedure with almost no down time – can also help you obtain a higher and more defined nose and nose tip.

For those who are also concerned about the risks of filler treatment such as spread, migration or lump formation, Nose Threadlift provides a good alternative to enhancing the features of the nose without the attending risks of filler treatments.

Nose Threadlift: Consultation

It is important to understand the procedure that you will be doing.

Before procedure, Dr. Tiffiny Yang accesses my nose and recommends what is good or bad for me, and what to expect and not. She does not insist to have me go through unnecessary procedures (which I greatly appreciate) and advised in honest opinion that I should not be doing more fillers on my nose bridge (which I wanted) – as there are still existing nose fillers.

However, if your fillers have faded or have not done fillers before, it is highly recommended to combine both procedures together for optimum results.

She explains that in my case, after years of fillers, the bridge broadens up over time. Nose threadlift at this point will be perfect for me – as this procedure aims to achieve better definition of nose shape as well as lifting bridge and tip – preventing my existing bridge fillers from spreading and widening. Most importantly, this procedure fixes the cleft on my nose tip better than fillers done alone – and so with fillers faded on my tip, it is best with the combination.

She also patiently explains how the procedure will be done, making sure that I have all questions answered before proceeding.

Mind at ease :)

Nose Threadlift: Numbing Cream

Before the application of numbing cream, makeup on areas receiving treatment is required to be removed.

Numbing cream is then applied and to be left on for 15 minutes for reducing discomfort of anesthesia injections.

Nose Threadlift: Preparation

Area to be treated is marked in white (not the usual blue ink) – indication of the ideal point for placing the Nose Threadlift.

Nose Threadlift: Local Anesthesia

Local anesthesia is injected along the nose bridge as well as columella – numbing the entire nose area in preparation for Nose Threadlift treatment.

Was There Any Pain?

Nope. I can feel the needle poking in but there was no pain at all during the anesthetia injection – except for columella – which was a sharp pain but lasting only for a split second. I thank the numbing cream and her professionally steady hands.

Nose Threadlift: Procedure

Step 1: A small injection is placed – only one point on the nose tip is required for the entire treatment procedure – before insertion of the Nose Threadlift.

Step 2: The threads are placed horizontally into the nose bridge for contouring, definition, and shaping of nose.

Close up shots of one point threadlift insertion.

Step 3: The threads are placed vertically into the nose tip for lifting and sharpening of the tip.

Step 4: Shaping the nose for the final look.

Nose Threadlift: Completion of Procedure

The procedure is now completed! I have about 10 threads in my nose bridge and about 4 in the tip.

Was There Any Pain?

The procedure is painless because of the local anesthesia on top of numbing cream.

Pain Level: 0/10

How Long Is The Procedure?

The entire threadlift procedure is done in under 15 minutes.

Nose Threadlift: Post Procedure

Nose Threadlift result is instant.

You can obviously tell right after the procedure that I have a distinctively well defined nose from high bridge to sharp tip, and looking perfectly natural.

It does not look odd after procedure – unlike nose fillers done alone – which might look a little stiff and too sharp and narrow for your liking during the initial recovery days, although they eventually settle in naturally.

Apart from the slight bruise (which practically doesn’t exist – much to my surprise) and main threadlift injection hole, you can’t really tell that I have done anything to my nose.

I am sooooo much in looooove with the newly enhanced nooooose :)

Oh, and also, apart from my Nose Threadlift procedure, I had my touch up session of 1-Point V Face | Chin Filler + Botox Jaw as well.

Click for more details on the procedure :)

Nose Threadlift: Final Look

Thank you loves, for taking the time to read.

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6D Creative Eyebrow Embroidery | Perfect Brow House ♡

Paya Lebar Square, #02-02
60 Paya Lebar Road
Singapore 409051

+65 9125 2256 / 9631 1058 (HP)
+65 6352 7012 (O)

Opening Hours:
Mondays to Sundays: 1200pm – 2100pm



The Importance of Eyebrow

Getting your eyebrows just right can make a huge impact on your appearance by creating a dramatic frame for your eyes. It matters in defining an individual’s face, and can change a person’s entire look. With well-groomed brows, it can instantly make you look more polished even if you don’t have much makeup (or any) on.

What Is 6D Creative Eyebrow Embroidery?

6D Creative Eyebrow Embroidery is the latest improvised procedure of 3D Eyebrow Embroidery which strokes are finer and dense – stimulating the look of real eyebrow hair. Although it uses the same technique of 3D Eyebrow Embroidery, results are more natural looking. Creative Eyebrow Embroidery is a semi permanent technique using colour pigment drawn onto the skin with natural feathering of hair-like strokes creating a beautifully designed brow – but with 6D Creative Eyebrow Embroidery, it is created with much more precise strokes and skill.

Benefits of 6D Creative Eyebrow Embroidery

✿ Helps to make thin or sparse eyebrows look fuller
✿ Create and reposition arches which helps to give a natural lift to the eyes
✿ Adjustment of length and width, which makes it a customized procedure

Why 6D Creative Eyebrow Embroidery?

The new semi permanent makeup technology gives you the natural look that every woman yearn for. You save a great deal of time without having to re-draw your eyebrows everyday, and still looking good 24/7. Spare the hassle of penciling, tinting and brow powder makeup – and waste no time on making that perfect arch. On top of that, the new 6D Creative Eyebrow Embroidery gives a more natural looking eyebrows as compared to other procedures.

Why Kelly From Perfect Brow House?

Perfect Brow House specialises in designing creative eyebrow embroidery and beauty products. Their eyebrow specialist – Kelly – has more than ten years of experience and is famous for her reputation on the internet, especially in Flowerpod.

With Kelly‘s reputation for her eyebrow designing and embroidery skills, especially from personal experience for my 3D Creative Eyebrow Embroidery previously, she is the perfect person to entrust my eyebrows to, without a worry.

So here I am, once again.

This time trying out the latest procedure – 6D Eyebrow Embroidery.

The Naked Eyebrows

The faded 3D Eyebrow Embroidery after a couple years. As you can tell from the picture, the eyebrow still looks good in shape even after it has somewhat faded.

It was so much worse before that – pathetically naked brows – the scattered little hairs.

Cleansing and Removal of Eyebrows Makeup

It is important to keep the treatment area clean before the procedure as blades are used and there will be open (but invisible) wounds. Therefore, I did not put on any eyebrow makeup for this visit to save them the hassle of makeup removal – knowing what and how the procedure goes about.

However, they still insist on cleansing the eyebrows – making sure it is all clean for the procedure. I appreciate them for the extra effort as this step can be easily pushed off since there is no makeup on the eyebrows, but Perfect Brow House is careful and strict coming to hygience prior to and during procedure.

Vikki gives 100 thumbs up :)

Procedure of 6D Eyebrow Embroidery

✿ Numbing Cream

Numbing cream is applied and to be left on for 15-20 minutes.

If you are afraid of pain, you may request for the numbing cream to be left on for half an hour. Whereas for my case, I am pretty much used to pain by now so 15 minutes works fine.

✿ Removal of Excess Eyebrow Growth

Shaving off the excess hairs around the eyebrows before drawing.

✿ Eyebrow Designing

Drawing the perfect eyebrows shape for me – this is fully customised for each individual before the start of embroidery procedure.

The perfectly designed eyebrows by Kelly.

Kelly is very dedicated in her work, and is more than a perfectionist than I am.

The attitude is much respected.

Preparation of 3D Eyebrow Embroidery Tools

✿ Blade, Needles and Colour

Every set of eyebrow embroidery blades and needles are brand new for each individual customer – for hygeience purposes. Customers can be well assured that the sets used are brand new because at the end of eyebrow embroidery session, they will be given their very own used blades and needles – for touch-up one week later, if needed – or purely for keepsake.

No sets will be reused.

The set of eyebrow embroidery blades and needles. The blade and needles are not as scary as it seems. This is magnified a thousand times for you to have a closer look.

In usual cases, only a shade of brown is needed. Due to my naturally dark-coloured eyebrows, she had to mix in two shades of colours – blackish and brownish – for my eyebrow embroidery.

Start of 6D Eyebrow Embroidery Procedure

A closer look of how the eyebrow embroidery procedure is done.

Was There Any Pain?

It may look painful with the needles pulling on your skin and you can hear the harsh sound of scrabbing – tsak tsak tsak – but no, there was no pain at all. The numbing cream works well, and her hands are fast. She is really skillful with the procedure as well – living up to her ten years plus of experience.

The Final Look

6D Creative Eyebrow Embroidery procedure is done within 2 hours.

The eyebrows look reflective due to the after-care cream applied.

It is normal to look like Crayon Shin-chan クレヨンしんちゃん 蜡笔小新 right after treatment. Do note that you will look more like one the next day, and coming few days.

Be very prepared.

After-Care Tips:

A small bottle of cream is provided for daily application – which will make your brows really oily. Bear with it for a week and you will have your beautiful and natural eyebrows for the next two years. :)

✿ Apply the cream daily for a week – until peeling is completed
✿ Avoid water contact – just pat dry (do not rub) if the brows comes in contact with water
Do not peel off scabs
✿ Expect the after-scabbing effect to be about 50% of the original thickness right after treatment – if you are only just about satisfied with the colour right after embroidery, it is advisable to work on a second darker layer

The Recovery Process

This is extracted from my previous 3D Eyebrow Embroidery Recovery Process. Since the procedure is the same (only with more strokes for 6D Creative Eyebrow Embroidery), the healing is similar. There is one little difference to take note of, however.

For 3D Eyebrow Embroidery Recovery Process, they peel in patches whereas for 6D Creative Eyebrow Embroidery, they should heal stroke by stroke.

In any case should they peel off in patches, do contact Perfect Brow House to seek advice or arrange for a touch-up session.

✿ Day 1

The Crayon Shin-chan クレヨンしんちゃん 蜡笔小新 look.
Eyebrows are thick and reddish with a slight swell.

✿ Day 3

Peeling has started on the left brow.
Do not rub or peel off the scabs.

✿ Day 5

Peeling has started on the right brow as well.
And the itching starts haunting.

The brows look terrifying at this point of time because they are in patches, and makeup is not advisable as the brows are healing. It got me worrying for awhile – what if the eyebrows stay this way forever?

Well, all my worries were gone two days later.

✿ Day 7

Peeling is completed and the colours have blended in well.

So much love for my perfectly shaped
eyebrows now, and they look really natural!

Thank you Kelly for my natural looking eyebrows.

It looks just as perfect as my previous 3D Eyebrow Embroidery.

If you are looking for an eyebrow specialist but is skeptical because you are not sure of where to go and who to look for, Kelly from Perfect Brow House is the one you would love to go to.

I am the perfect example. :D


Semi-Permanent Cosmetic Services and Pricing:

✿ Normal Eyebrow Embroidery
SGD$228 + free touch up & scar cream

✿ 3D Creative Eyebrow Embroidery
SGD$588 + free touch up & scar cream

✿ Korean Eyebrow Embroidery
SGD$688 + free touch up & scar cream

✿ 6D Eyebrow Embroidery
SGD$1088 + free touch up & scar cream

✿ Misty Creative Eyebrow Embroidery
SGD$688 + free touch up & scar cream

✿ 3D Creative Eyebrow Embroidery (MEN)
SGD$688 + free touch up & scar cream

✿ 6D Creative Eyebrow Embroidery (MEN)
SGD$1188 + free touch up & scar cream

✿ Eyebrow Removal/Laser
SGD$298 (4 Sessions)

✿ Japan Babydoll Eyelash Extension (Normal)

✿ Japan Babydoll Eyelash Extension (Strand by Strand)

✿ Eyelash Extension (Normal)

✿ Eyelash Extension (Strand by Strand)

✿ Eyeliner (by Hand)
SGD$308 for upper lid
SGD$538 for both lids

✿ Eyeliner (by Machine)
SGD$488 for upper lid
SGD$908 for both lids

✿ Lips (Normal)

✿ Lips (diamond) – SGD$1188

If you would like to engage Kelly personally for your eyebrow or lip embroidery services, please note that there will be an additional charges on top of the price list stated above, due to Kelly’s busy schedule. Of course, with that being said, there are no worries in engaging other embroidery specialist as they are equally excellent-trained and experienced beauticians at your service.

Additional Charges by Kelly:
+SGD$400 (Eyebrow)
+SGD$200 (Eyeliner)
+SGD$300 (Lips)

Effynius only recommends the best!

Thank you loves, for taking the time to read.

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My New Hair Colour For The New Year 2017 | Headlines Hairdressing ♡

18 Cross Street, #01-15
China Square Central

+65 6221 6866

Opening Hours:
Mondays to Fridays: 1030am – 830pm
Saturdays: 1030am – 7pm
Sundays & Public Holidays: 1030am – 5pm



My New Hair Colour For The New Year 2017

Just in time for a new hair colour with Matrix Wonderlight at Headlines Hairdressing for the New Year 2017!

As usual, I reached the place with the warmest greeting from my personal hairstylist – Charles D. Tan – “HELLO WHY YOU NEVER COMB YOUR HAIR AGAIN?”

Of course, I didn’t know what was the fuss about because I was in a rush and I didn’t have time to look at the back of my head and I really really really didn’t know it was so bad, until………

Some kind of newly self-made crazy hair trend.

10 decades have passed… cobwebs grown all over him while trying to comb through my deadly knotted hair.

TADAAAHHH!!! Hair brilliantly fixed – without chopping off any strands. The frizzy ends is an issue but they can be easily restored to glory with Headlines Hairdressing‘s highlighted Mucota Dyna Argan Oil Hair Treatment.

But now, here comes another major problem.

My white hairs all over.

Once again Charles D. Tan shrieked in horror seeing all these white fellas.

Restoring My Hair To Glory With A New Colour | Matrix Wonder Light™

After all that hassle of fixing the terrible knots (and especially the torture of going through Charles D. Tan‘s endless nagging – it was funny though), it’s time to put on a new colour coat for my dying hair.

I previously bleached the bottom part of my hair for a gradient look but with my stubborn hair – and my laziness to maintain – it didn’t turn out so well. With that, we decided to go with something simplier this time – a full colour in Chestnut Brownish Red.

I have never tried a hair colour anywhere close to red before, but why not?

Always try a new look to find the best you :)

Matrix Wonder Light™ and its brilliant 3D colours with reflecting shine to add life to my hair – especially the frizzy hair ends with dead colour.

Starting off with the white fellas at the top of my head.

As always, Charles D. Tan patiently make his wonder hands work magic on my hair. It is definitely not easy because my hair is almost at my arse. That takes about double the time of an average person.

He was thrilled when I allowed him to chop off a couple inches off my hair.

Leaving most of the hairdye at the bottom of my hair to fix the dead colours.

My New Hair Colour For The New Year 2017

You know I look gorgeous, at the wonder hands of my personal hairstylist -
Charles D. Tan. He always makes me look pretty and photo-ready with my soft silky bright hair!

He will be your favourite hairstylist too, because trust me.

I am your perfect example.

Effynius only recommends the best!

Thank you loves, for taking the time to read.

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Manicure & Pedicure For The New Year 2017 (New AMK Hub Outlet) | Nailz Haus ♡

53 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3
AMK Hub #B1-24
Singapore 569933
(Opposite Swensen’s)

+65 6481 5768


Opening Hours:
Mondays to Sundays: 1100am – 2100pm


Nailz Haus | New Outlet

Nails Haus has recently expanded!

Located mainly in the west – Nailz Haus | IMM – it wasn’t so much accessible for me during past visits. They have recently opened their first north/central outlet – located at Nailz Haus | AMK Hub (check the block above for full address) – and now my favourite nail salon is so much closer to home.

More pampering session for my hands and legs.

Hell yeaaay :D

My Manicure & Pedicure Session For The New Year 2017 | AMK Hub Outlet

I have got my manicure and pedicure done at Nails Haus just in time for the New Year 2017!

As usual, I was treated with the best care and hospitality from their efficient and friendly nail specialists during my visit – just like Nailz Haus | IMM.

All of their staffs service with a smile :)

With their wide variety of colours and styles, I am crazily spoilt for choices! They have so many different shades and designs that it took me quite a long while before I can make up my mind.

Choosing colours and styles while comfortably soaking my feet in lukewarm water.

I am happy to be served with water and tea as I take my time choosing the colours. I am quite an indecisive girl and therefore, I am really glad when they offered suggestions and ideas to help me out upon knowing my preferences. I am going for something plain this time.

Their patience towards me is very much appreciated :)

Feeling like a little princess having both my hands and legs pampered together. They are a friendly team like my manicurist and pedicurist at Nailz Haus | IMM and I really enjoyed the entire session.

✿ Manicure

✿ Pedicure

What I Love About Nails Haus Manicure & Pedicure Services

✿ Hand Massage

They are sooooo good with the massage that I almost fell asleep.

I wish I can do this everyday!

✿ Leg Massage & Scrub

My Pretty Maniure & Pedicure

And finally it’s done!

The awesome metallic red and gold blings.

So much in love!

I am definitely gonna try something really new and special on my next visit :)

Happy People of Nailz Haus

Thank you Nails Haus team for making my manicure and pedicure session a pleasant and comfortable one.

Looking forward to my next visit :)



Simply quote “Vikki Effynius” to enjoy 15% off Ala Carte Price or Express Gelish Manicure @ SGD$18 (UP: SGD$45)

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Beauty Tips: 5 Korean Face Masks for Happy Skin ♡

Beauty Tips: For Happy Skin

Putting our best face forward everyday means that we’re constantly exposing our skin to the elements which can sometimes leave it thirsty and weathered. On top of an essential cleansing routine, pampering your skin with a little something extra is a great way to take your beauty regimen to a whole new level and give your skin the TLC it deserves.

Korean beauty products do exactly that! The latest beauty craze to take the world by storm, Korean beauty goodies are adored for their adorable packaging, unusual concoctions, exotic ingredients and ultimately, effective results.

Face masks are their specialty and everything from sheet to bubble masks have got beauty addicts swooning over their promises to transform skin texture, draw out impurities, brighten the complexion, re-set the ageing process and more.

I will be sharing with you the five Korean masks that you absolutely have to try and whether you choose to use it alone or as part of your 10-step routine, you are bound to find something here that you will fall in love with.


Here are five personally-picked Korean face masks for you :)

SKINFOOD | Black Sugar Mask Wash Off

One of Skinfood‘s holy grail products, this baby is loaded with brown sugar grains that exfoliate away at your dermis, leaving behind baby soft skin scented with the slightest hint of delicious caramel. The sugar granules dissolve as you massage the product in so as not to irritate or damage the delicate skin surrounding your face but there’s still enough grit in them to give your face a proper scrub. The product’s hydrating formula is also wonderfully lush and moisturizing.

ELIZAVECCA | Bubble Clay Mask

Treat your face to a relaxing bubble bath with this Elizavecca‘s unique product. Formulated with charcoal powder, green tea and collagen, this mask draws out impurities, sloughs away dead skin cells and pulls out icky pore-clogging dirt and sebum. The product consists of a gooey clay paste that when applied onto the skin, begins to bubble and froth away into a layer of tingly, foamy goodness. Massage the foam into your skin for about 1-2 minutes and rinse it off to reveal glowy, refreshed skin.

INNISFREE | It’s Real Squeeze Mask

When it comes to affordable sheet masks that deliver, Innisfree’s It’s Real Squeeze Masks are some of the most consistent ones around. Super-saturated in serums bursting with fresh, natural ingredients designed to target different concerns, pick one depending on your skin’s needs. Dry skin? Opt for Cucumber or Aloe. Need a brightness boost? Go with Acai Berry for instantly luminous skin. Because they’re so affordable, you can easily rotate between a few favourites for a nightly dose of indulgence.

TONY MOLY | Earth Beauty Rice Mask Sheet

The sheet mask from Tony Moly is made from actual rice paper that you’re meant to re-hydrate with an accompanying pack filled with essence that has been enriched with seven organic grain substances rich in antioxidants and brightening properties. Upon contact with the essence, the mask transforms into a gel sheet that clings and contours to your face, infusing it with all the goodness from the ingredients. Leave it on for about 15-20 minutes and pat in the remaining essence for moisturised, dewy skin.

LANEIGE | Water Sleeping Mask

Sleeping masks are built on the principle that skin regeneration reaches its nude peak between the hours of 10pm-2am and Laneige’s Water Sleeping Mask is one of the market’s most sought after products within this category – and with good reason. It’s gel-like texture melts into the dermis, locks in hydration and rejuvenates your face as you catch some zzzs. You’ll wake up to unquestionably plump, bouncy skin.

Where To Get These Korean Masks?

As you all already know – I am the shopping (with awesome bargains) queen – and as usual, I am of course going to share the good stuff!

Check out Saleduck to score vouchers, coupons and deals from your favourite beauty e-tailers and walk away with killer bargains off your next K-beauty haul!

Click HERE to shop Althea on Saleduck and see the selections of masks!

Thank you loves, for taking the time to read.

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My All-Natural Handcrafted Beauty Skincare | W.ANT Skincare ♡






About W.ANT Skincare

What attracts me to try them out?

They are handmade from pure botanical oils and minerals, and especially that they are free from synthetic ingredients, preservatives, colours and fragrances. Most important of all, cruelty-free. Their multi-tasking skincare products are formulated without water for 100% natural goodness.

On top of that, by making a purchase from W.ANT Skincare, you are contributing to local communities and especially to women in cooperatives in Bali, Indonesia and Benin, Africa.

Let your beauty shine through with your graciousness :)


Now, let’s have a FEEL on the products.

Beet This Honey Cleanser

Smells like honey, as stated. Yummy.

Texture is thick and may be slightly grainy – perfectly normal I guess as it’s made of honey. Add a few drops of water and it’ll rub in well during application.

It may be a little dry but with a few drops of water, you are good to go. Dry as it may be, it does not leave your face feeling sticky.

Ginger Clay Scrub Mask

Even though it’s made of ginger, it does not have the stinging scent and instead, it smells of mild chocolate.

It feels like sand initially but you can tell from the pictures that it gradually blends in well, making application smooth.

It may be a little sticky but does not feel oily.

The Facial Spritzer

Smells natural and fresh. I love it!

Water-based, easy to rub in.

Moisturizing without feeling oily and sticky. Bonus point!

The Face Oil

Smells like herb, and a little bit like tea.

This is a little tricky. I guess when it says it’s the face oil, it is normal to feel a little oily. I do not like oily stuff on me, especially my face, however it does not leave your skin feeling sticky.

As mentioned – oily as it may be – it is non-sticky, and I can definitely feel the moisturising at work.

Orange Cocoa Lip Saver

Smells delicious – exactly as stated – like orange and cocoa. I could nom them up.

Oil-based, but non-sticky.

It is non-sticky and leaves your lips moisturised.

I love how it fixes my cracky lips problem and smoothen them so much!
Definitely a lip saver!

Love Your Skin Naturally

I am happy in choosing to love my skin naturally, and you should too!

My glowing skin after 2 weeks of all-natural W.ANT Skincare

Effynius only recommends the best!

Thank you loves, for taking the time to read.

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Shopping Deals | Get Zalora Discount Codes On Top Of Cashback | ShopBack ♡


+65 6589 8708





About ShopBack

If you haven’t already heard, ShopBack is an online shopping platform – unlike many others out there – based in Singapore. What makes them distinctively different is that they not only provide discount coupons and voucher codes of over 300 merchants from all over the world, they have a Cashback Reward Program on top of those.

Their affiliates includes online retail giants – from fashion stores, booking travel tickets and accommodation, to food coupons such as:

✿ Taobao
✿ Zalora
✿ Lazada
✿ Rakuten
✿ Groupon
✿ eBay
✿ Foodpanda
✿ Agoda
✿ Expedia

And sooo many more!

What Is Cashback Reward Program?

It allows online shoppers to take a portion of their cash back when they buy products through the service. Yes, you can actually earn some of that money back when you spend it on a new dress or whatever else you buy – no doubt – as long as it’s available on ShopBack.

What can be more rewarding than getting back cash as you spend? :D

Learn how it all works, right here.

Everyone Loves Online Shopping

Many of us in this era – most being busy (or lazy) – has turned to shopping online with the rise of e-Commerce platforms. We hardly have the time to spend a decent day out relaxing, let alone shopping. It has become so much more convenient to shop online and have them delivered to our doorsteps.

Just when you thought online shopping can’t get any better, there are many discounts and offers with Shopback right now.

Create The Perfect Look With Zalora

With so many online shopping platforms out there, it is not difficult to find your very own favourite.

Zalora, for example, is one of my top picks. They have so many different brands, all in one site. Instead of going to different shops to browse for clothes, you can simply shop almost everything out there with just a couple clicks. Zalora has got you covered with the wide array of Chinese New Year clothing available.

One-stop shopping. Every woman loves it.

And so, If you’re like me, enjoying shopping at Zalora, now’s a good time to shop! There are Zalora discount codes for more savings when you shop right now.

By using a Zalora discount code, you get to enjoy savings immediately compared to shopping in retail outlets. And better yet, on top of that, getting cash back while you spend.

Always count on me to share awesome bargains :D

Complete The Perfect Look With Reebonz

Many of you have heard about Reebonz – an online shopping platform dealing with the widest range of luxury products – brand new and vintage – at crazily discounted prices. No one can resist the temptation of buying something new (or pre-loved in pristine condition) at just a fraction of the retail price.

As if a steal on luxury items is not already enough for you.
How about getting cash rebates on top of that?

Check out great deals for Reebonz right away!

Under Armour For The Sporties

Of course, as mentioned earlier, with their long list of affiliation, ShopBack not only cater to those that fancies dresses, heels and other much-too feminine stuff. Looking for something else to fit your sporty self or a gift for your man (or yourself if you happen to be a male reader)?

Well then, there’s Under Armour sales and more to help you out with that!

Empowering athletes everywhere, Under Armour delivers innovative sportswear, shoes and accessories.

Perfect for the sporty people out there!

Taobao Promotions

How can I not include Taobao into the list too? Everyone around me shops at this worldwide popular online shopping platform.

In case you are one who is not familiar with them, Taobao is the main place to buy stuff online in China. It is like eBay, with many independent stores listing their products and shipping directly to you – with help from third party agents.

Enjoy the latest Taobao promotions 2016 at ShopBack!

Like I said earlier, always count on me for great deals and bargains.

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My New Found Favourite Nail Salon | Nailz Haus ♡

2 Jurong East Street 21
IMM building #02-29
Singapore 609601

+65 6566 5676


Opening Hours:
Mondays to Sundays: 1100am – 2100pm


About Nailz Haus

Nailz Haus is a new edge lifestyle nails spa offering a creative concept of nails services and high quality treatment in an aesthetically pleasing and cosy atmosphere.

They not only have manicure and pedicure services but also includes:

✿ Hand Spa
✿ Hand Paraffin
✿ Hand Treatment
✿ Spa Manicure
✿ Leg Spa
✿ Foot Paraffin
✿ Spa Pediacure
✿ Nail Treatment
✿ Feet Treatment

I was treated with the best care and hospitality from their efficient and friendly nail specialists during my visit.

My Manicure & Pedicure Session at Nailz Haus | IMM Outlet

With their wide variety of colours and styles, I am crazily spoilt for choices! They have so many different shades and designs that it took me quite a long while before I can make up my mind. All of these while comfortably soaking my feet in lukewarm water.

I am happy to be served with water and tea as I take my time choosing the colours. I am quite an indecisive girl and therefore, I am really glad when they offered suggestions and ideas to help me out upon knowing my preferences.

Their patience towards me is very much appreciated :)

As my colour has been bright red and black previously, I decided on an entirely different look this time – nude with shimmering gold on alternate fingers.

Manicure & Pedicure | Cleaning & Trimming

Manicurist: Manndy
Pedicurist: Masaki

Feeling like a little princess having both my hands and legs pampered together. They are a friendly team and I really enjoyed the entire session.

Our laughters could shake the mall XD

Removing Previous Gelish Nail Polish

Leg Massage

I was pleasantly surprised to have a leg massage with scrub before the start of my pedicure session. Pedicurist was extremely gentle and rubbing with the right amount of pressure to relax my legs.

Pure awesomeness.

I almost dozed off :p


Masaki is a very bubbly girl who loves to joke a lot, but when it comes to work, she is serious and delicate.

I know I am in good hands :)

Variety of Nail Art

Something caught my eye in the midst of my session. Something bling bling. Diamond bling blings!!! How could anyone resist them? The manicurist and pedicurist, as well as me, decided together on a bow design for my thumbs.


Pikachu Theme Nail Art

I was so fascinated with my pedicurist nail art that I couldn’t stop talking about them the entire session. I have to take a photo of them.

How about these for your nails next time?

Cuteness overloaded.

My Pretty Maniure & Pedicure

And finally it’s done! My turn to show off my nails look.

The awesome metallic red and bling blings.

So much in love.

Happy People of Nailz Haus

I am definitely coming back for my manicure and pedicure sessions. I haven’t get a chance to chat with the rest but everyone was full of smiles and I believe all of them are as fun a team as them!

My favourite nail spa place from now :)

Manndy, Masaki and Shirley



Simply quote “Vikki Effynius” to enjoy 15% off Ala Carte Price or Express Gelish Manicure @ SGD$18 (UP: SGD$45)

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House Of Dim Sum | Hong Kong Zhai 香港仔 ♡

Blk 107 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 4
#01-138, Singapore 560107

+65 6748 4893

Opening Hours:
Tuedays to Fridays: 0700am – 1500pm
Closed on Mondays



Love For Dim Sum

My family and I love dim sum, any time any when any where, especially if you are talking out authentic ones from Hong Kong. What really attracted us to try Hong Kong Zhai 香港仔 is their latest creation on the menu – which I will be sharing later in the post.

An additional bonus point is that you can enjoy these yummies not only at their Ang Mo Kio outlet, but also at the comfort of your own home – with their Express Delivery.

Do note that there is a minimum order amount and conditions apply for express delivery.

Read on to find out more :)

Now, before all else, let us get to know a little more about this House of Dim Sum, and what makes them special.

House of Dim Sum

Hong Kong Zhai 香港仔 – The House of Dim Sum – Authentic since 1988.

Every dim sum creation is crafted diligently with heart and soul, and every ingredient is conscientiously selected to produce the authentic flavour of the Hong Kong dim sum.

And what is dim sum without the taste of Hong Kong?

Craze of Pokémon Go

Their latest creation – Pokémon Go themed dim sum!

Hong Kong Zhai 香港仔 is caught in the craze of Pokémon Go as well! How can you resist getting some bites on the cute little Pikachu and Pokeballs especially if you love playing the world top favourite game?

These cuties will be available from this Saturday, 27 August 2016 at their Ang Mo Kio outlet.

Set of 2 each: SGD$7.00
Set of 3 each: SGD$18.80

Go catch ‘em all!

Pikachu Bun: Chocolate Lava
Pokeball Bun: Creamy Custard Lava (流沙)

I especially love the Pokeball Buns because I’m a total 黃金流沙 person! The 流沙 is crazily tasty and it melts. Heaaaveeen.

For takeaway and delivery, it is advised to steam them for 3 to 5 minutes for the best taste, if you are not consuming it immediately.

Dim Sum Party Set A

This is good for 10 pax – just about nice for the family (of 6 adults and 2 babies) and some friends – so this is the party set we ordered.

If you are afraid of having cold food via delivery, fret not. Their Express Delivery serves hot and fresh out of the oven dim sum – right to your door step.

Everything looks and smells so good they make our tummies growl so bad it could shake the earth.

Pictures says it all. I wish you could actually smell and taste them.

Effynius only recommends the best!

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Tiffiny Yang Skincare | Tiffiny’s Secret | Tiffiny Yang Aesthetics & Surgery ♡

Orchard Building #12-02
1 Grange Road
Singapore 239693
(above H&M fashion store)

+65 6338 9448
+65 9186 0805


Opening Hours:
Mondays to Fridays: 1100am – 2000pm
Saturdays: 1100am – 1400pm (by appointment only)




Hi loves ♡

As much as I hate to admit, women age fast. We have to agree though, that aging is part and parcel of life and we can only accept. But always remember, we cannot change how our body works, but we can always improve. I am determined to age gracefully, and you should too.

To be frank, I have never used anti-aging beauty and skincare products before because I have always been a lazy woman. And then I realised it’s about time to start. Age is definitely catching up.

I have recently been trying on a new product religiously every night for two weeks – and the result shown is siginificantly brilliant!

How can I possibly not be eager to share with you my secret night beauty regime?

Good things must be shared :)


As you all should know, Tiffiny Yang Aesthetics & Surgery has always been the one and only truthworthy choice for me on soft aethestics and everything beauty. So I was really thrilled to know that they have created their very own line of skincare products – specialising on youth restoring, fighting aging and/or dull skin.

Exactly what I need.

Dr. Tiffiny Yang knows my skin complexion well and will do no damage to it. That, I am sure. So of course, I confidently got myself a bottle to try, albeit having extremely sensitive skin.


Before all else, let’s have a better understanding of the product first.

Tiffiny’s Secret Age Defense is a combination of all the following good stuffs:

Undisputedly proven in countless clinical studies to reverse the signs of aging, reduce fine lines, increase thickness of the skin etc

The most recently discovered growth peptide to increase collagen of the skin and reverse aging. It’s the latest craze for maintaining youthful looking skin

Licorice root extract, for brightening of the skin

Protect your skin from free radicals that accelerate aging



✿ Ditch your laziness aside
✿ Religiously apply every night before sleep
✿ Rub and massage in circles for better absorbance

As simple as that!


Now, let’s FEEL the product.

No alcholic smell nor too much fragrance – which isn’t a bad thing as it means little chemical is used. Bonus point.

As you can tell from the pictures above, the cream is soft and smooth. Easy to apply as it rubs in well during application.

I hate oily creams and lotions but this is moisturising without feeling sticky. Absolutely love it!


After using the cream religiously for only 2 weeks now, there are already visible improvements of my complexion.

The fine lines and pores are siginificantly reduced, and my skin complexion has brightenend up and smoothened. I am constantly caressing my face because it feels so good now! Of course, that is a bad example. Please avoid touching your face unnecessarily. Also, I noticed that my usual acne outbreaks has lessened – even during menses period.

I am so loving it!

Because of the wonder of it, the cream has definitely become an essential part of my daily beauty regime.

Ladies, let’s age gracefully :)

Thank you loves, for taking the time to read.

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