Just Another Blogger

Hi loves!

I’ve revamped my blog and is in the process of sorting all of my posts – removing past unnecessary posts that I personally think does not matter anymore, or at all, and also importing older posts from my previous blogs. I’m giving my little personal space a fresh look so bear with me a little, while I tidy things up. 🙂

Some random thoughts while doing up my blog:

I’ve always wanted to be a fashion blogger, but I don’t share places of where I get my apparels and stuff because mainstream being too mainstream, I DO NOT like people knowing where I get my pieces.

I want to be a beauty blogger, but – a tad embarrasing to admit as a woman – I’ve never been to facials and spas in my life. I don’t even have a proper facial cleansing set for daily use!

The real problem is, I don’t even know if manicure falls on fashion or beauty.

I want to be a food blogger. Again a waste of time because I don’t know how else to express the goodness other than my hungry look, and food photography has never been my forte.

I want to be a doodle blogger. I know I’d be awesome on this one, but I’m always tooooo lazy to do anything at all. I have all sorts of funny crazy ideas that many of you would adore, and I will start drawing everything in my head. Then, I’m done. In my head.

You see, I love to do EVERYTHING, but I am just not good at ANYTHING.

And that is why – I am just another blogger.

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