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Dots N Stripes

An online shop in Singapore housing an eclectic range of beautiful, quirky & fun treasures handpicked and handmade for you!

Most of their acrylic accessories are self-manufactured and come in limited quantities. The self-manufactured pieces are either designed by them or inspired by things they see, and they have their very own supplier to manufacture the products.

Customisations are welcomed but is subject to the availability of materials and colours from the supplier.

My Choice of Necklaces.

These are the two designs that I have chosen. I love the simplicity of these necklaces and they make awesome statement for your outfit.

Available in two colours: Black, and White.

Available in 3 colours: Black, Blue, and Clear.

Although these pieces are made out of plain acrylic, the designs are versatile and choice of material used is easy to match for almost all occasions. Because they are made of acrylic, the weight of necklace is light and goes easy on the neck – unlike most bold statement necklaces.

Check Out How I Match The Necklaces.

The stunning shade of blue makes perfect statement to any plain white top.
I matched it with a turquoise skirt for a simple two-toned look.

This black geometric necklace goes well with any plain light-coloured top.
Because it’s black – a versatile colour – and that my top is white, I matched
it with a floral body-hugging skirt to make a simple outfit stand out.

There are many more designs on Dots N Stripes Facebook Page. Do check them out!

You may also want to follow them on Instagram: dotsnstripessg

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