My Cozy Room Festive Spa Indulgence ♡

Celine, the founder of My Cozy Room.

56A Cairnhill Road
Singapore 229667

+65 6732 0030


Opening Hours:
Mondays to Fridays: 1100am – 2100pm
Saturdays and Sundays: 1000am – 2000pm



My Cozy Room – an award-winning Boutique Spa – found at the second floor of an old, quaint shop house, is very different from your usual spa stereotype. I especially love the interior cosy décor which makes you feel like home – exactly what the name says.

Their beauty products by BABOR.

As it was my first time here, I was a little awkward but much thanks to Celine’s sweet professionalism and hospitality, she made me feel at home instantly.

Having served a cup of fragrant tea while waiting.
The service is excellent – fussy Vikki approves.

We had a little get-to-know session with each other
while waiting for the therapist to be ready.

I was introduced to the beautician, when they discovered the
terrible facial condition I tried to conceal with my make-up. No luck.

I felt like a specimen for a moment with her staring so hard into my face but she too, made me feel at ease with her friendliness soon after. I was extremely flattered when she said I had pretty eye make-up. *beams*

After a short consultation and analysis of my skin,
the therapist was ready and it was time for my massage indulgence.


My first deep relaxing therapeutic massage at this little cosy space and it was on a rainy night. Boy was I in for a luxuriously pampering session!

4-in-1 Festive Spa Indulgence package:
✿ Passion Fruit Back Rub
✿ Hotstone Back Therapy
✿ Chocolate Body Massage
✿ Soothing Crystal Eye Massage

Step 1: Passion Fruit Back Rub

I was stunned when asked to stripped naked, I expected a robe of some sort but I was to lie down on the bed naked, with only towels on me. It was extremely awkward but Iris – my therapist – is yet another nice lady with awesome hospitality – like everyone else. That feeling was great.

The start of my therapeutic massage.

Enjoy the eye-candy of my naked body.

This was so relaxing that I dozed off, with not a single care in the world that my eyelashes was squashed by the side of hole in the massage bed.

Step 2: Hotstone Back Therapy

Note that this may be a little uneasy if you can’t take heat, but try to get used to it because trust me, this is the orgasmic part. Iris was nice to check with me every now and then if the heat was okay, and if her strength of massage is too much for me.

Step 3: Chocolate Body Massage

This is more than just awesomeness.
What is better than a full body massage on a rainy night?

I was asked to flip over to my front for this. Wow, this was extreme awkwardness at its best. I was quickly covered up by Iris and as soon as I get comfy, she continues on the massage – on every inch of my body.

That feeling of bliss.

I was usually afraid to have my fingers cracked but Iris made it all so smooth that I unknowingly let out a small little moan of enjoyment. I was not at all tensed when she was pulling at my fingers, but savouring every moment of it.

Step 4: Soothing Crystal Eye Massage

With each step of the therapeutic massage, it only gets better.

The coolness of crystal against your eyes releases all tiredness and tension on your face, and leaves you completely relaxed.

To the end of session, I was given a head and back rub, with a really strengthful patting on my back. You will be surprised from her petite figure, I was!

My much relaxed – almost sleepy – face after 75 minutes of massage therapy.

It was a much enjoyable session full of bliss.

I would really love to be back for a rub again!

Meet Iris, my pretty and fun therapist. 🙂

4-in-1 Festive Spa Indulgence package
is only valid until the end of December 2013.

Arrange an appointment with My Cozy Room now
and get yourself pampered already!

Highlight of the promotion package – Limited Edition Tea Book

As this is a season of giving, My Cozy Room are giving away this Tea Book for FREE!

And with every set sold, they will be donating $9 to Typhoon Haiyan Relief Fund.

Together with My Cozy Room, let’s make this
a happy festive period – the season of giving!

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