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A New Hair Colour For The Lunar New Year 2014

I had my hair coloured last week – in a brilliant and brighter shade of orange brown – and I am all prepared for the festive season coming in a couple days! What about you? Are you all prepared for the coming Lunar New Year 2014? 🙂

Read on for the full documentation of hair dye and treatment procedure.

Photography: Alex Ho • Nitestarzz
Post Process: Vikki Phoon • Effynius

My personal hairstylist – Charles – 變態髮型師 😮

Visible Roots Regrowth.

As you will see from the pictures, my growth of hair is velocious. The original black roots have grown out in just barely two months. This was the main reason why I had been dreading for years to colour my hair – the hassle of retouching hair roots every couple months – but here I am, colouring my hair for the second time since two months back.

The realisation of inevitable sacrifice for beautiful coloured hair.

We are going to have a fix at that.

Hair Dye Procedure:
Application of Hair Dye.

變態髮型師 can be very serious in his work too. 😀

Pampering of Hair:
Mucota Scena Hair Treatment.

Mucota Scena Brava
Hair Repair

To capture the mist for this photography effect,
he practically flooded the entire salon floor.

Mucota Scena Calore
Protection of Cuticle

Little wormies squeezed out from the syringe.

As usual, I am always hungry.

Feeding myself with sushi while
waiting for the treatment process.

Let’s welcome Mister WALL•E.

WALL•E misting up the hair for intensive treatment.

Hair Treatment Rinse Off.

The Final Look:
My Pretty Hair Colour.

I am absolutely in love with the new bright and brilliant shade of orange brown. Charles always knows what I want – of course he has to, I sent him pictures of my desired hair colour every few days for a month.

It is amazing to have achieved this colour without the use of bleach – he insisted not to – for my long tresses should be as chemical-free as possible. I really like how he is always protecting my hair, making sure it is smooth and silky after every procedure.

Have I mentioned that I am very much in love with my new hair colour?



If you are interested to book an appointment
with my awesome hairstylist, please contact
Charles at 90251218.

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