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I Am Single Eyelid.

As a Beauty Fashion Lifestyle blogger, I am usually dressed up – clad in chic outift, wearing dangerously high heels, with pretty big smokey eyes, and long thick falsies. I am the fashionista to most people, and I enjoy being it.

Now, the truth is out – I am actually single-eyelid, with reaaally small eyes – and this is one of the most self-conscious thing about myself. Many have asked, so now I am telling you – this is the reason why I cannot live without eye makeup and falsies.

I am encouraged to write this blog post by some of my beauty sponsors and friends – which took me insane amount of courage because it means I will have to expose my naked face with zero makeup on – especially my slit eyes. None of the sponsors – not even most of my friends – know (or believe it when I tell them) that I am single-eyelid since I am always in the smokey eyes and falsies look.

I am actually secretly pleased when they find it unbelievable because it only means my makeup skills is more than just awesome. And I am also proud to say that I have acquired great makeup skills over the years – from smudged ghost-like eyes to the stunning smokey eyes now.

I will now share with you – especially the single eyelids out there – how you can have the much-yearned pretty big eyes. It is definitely not as difficult as you think – to have double eyelids with just makeup on, and of course, falsies.

Fret not, for having small eyes anymore! 🙂

What Are Falsies?

Falsies, or fake eyelashes, come in many different shapes and styles. They are applied to the lashline of the eye to create the illusion of longer, fuller, darker eyelashes – and for single-eyelid cases like myself, they create double eyelids which gives you seemingly bigger eyes as well.

However, note that some eyelashes do not create double eyelids – for e.g. seamless eyelashes. Pressure is required on single eyelids to have the folding effect of a double eyelid, so choose eyelashes with black bands for best results.

My Falsies.

These are the ONLY falsies that I use. I have tried many but none is as comfortable and easy to apply as these. As you have noticed, I use two different top eyelashes – one with black band but they are usually shorter in length – and one seamless which is usually longer. By that, I mean the length of your eye. So what I usually do is using Fashion Electricity Eyelashes to layer on the Dolly Wink lashes – for a fuller and longer lashes look, which makes your eyes look bigger and longer.

Left: Fashion Electricity Eyelashes
(available in Sasa stores)

Usual price at SGD$3.90 per pack (3 pairs).
Cheap as they already are, they have crazy promotions sometimes,
going as low as $1 a pack! I got them all stocked up during these promotions.

You see, not only expensive eyelashes work wonders.

Right: Dolly Wink No. 1 (Top) & No. 14 (Bottom) by Tsubasa Masuwaka
(available in selected Watsons, Sasa and JRunway)

Usual price at SGD$24.90 per pack (2 pairs).

They are expensive, but the lashes are soft and looks really natural.

The Moment of Truth:
How I Really Look Without Makeup

Before I start off the tutorial, let me show you how I really look without any makeup on.

There is nothing glamourous, but I am much more confident in baring my face now – after Tiffiny Yang Aesthetic & Surgery‘s Nose Filler and 1-Point V Face treatment.

Thank you Tiffiny Yang for beautifying my face and helping to gain my confidence! Click on the respective links to find out more about each treatment and procedure.

Makeup Tutorial:
From Single To Double Eyelids

Now that you have seen my bare face with zero makeup on – and ouch, those slit eyes – let us start off with the makeup tutorial!

What I am going to do in this tutorial is to apply makeup on just one side of my face – for comparison of my face with and without makeup on. And finally, upon completion of one side, I will then apply makeup on the other side for the full makeup look. You will be stunned with the BEFORE and AFTER!

Step 1: Applying Falsies

This is usually the last step for most people but I make it a point to apply this first, for the eye shape that I want before proceeding with my makeup. This should come first for single eyelids, even before foundation base – as the lashes might not last as long if you apply on top of the foundation base.

As I have mentioned earlier, I use two layers of eyelashes together – Fashion Electricity Eyelashes on the Dolly Wink lashes – for a fuller and longer lashes look, which makes your eye looks bigger and longer.

Note: Apply the falsies about 3-5mm from the inner corner of your eyes – to visually extend the length of your eyes.

Comparison: With And Without Falsies

My eyes are noticeably bigger and longer with falsies on.

Step 2: Applying Foundation Base

Bioskin‘s Sunscreen O² Foundation SPF 30 Instant Coverage
/ SGD$185

I recommend liquid foundation for large pores as they provide better coverage and will not cause cake face – as compared to powder foundation.

I have been using Bioskin’s Sunscreen O² Foundation SPF 30 Instant Coverage for years now, and trust only them. But sadly, they have stopped manufacturing this product and will be focusing on their new line of BB cream which I have yet to try. I am not sure of which product to commit on after finishing this foundation – in possibly less than a couple months.

Any recommendations for me?

Step 3: Applying Eyeshadow

Naked 2 Palette by Urban Decay / SGD$80

For the first layer of eyeshadow, apply YDK shade evenly onto your eyelids using the finer tip of the brush – preferably covering the entire eye socket. No worries on overdoing the makeup as this is shimmering but in neutral shade.

Notice the double eyelid now?

For the second layer of eyeshadow, apply BLACKOUT shade only on the inner and outer corners of your eyes – blend in softly and evenly with the first YDK shade. This creates a 3D big-eyes effect with shimmering bright shade in the middle and dark shades on the outer part of eyes.

My eyes are significantly bigger after applying eyeshadow – and with double eyelids.

Step 4: Drawing Eyeliner

Rhomlon® Long Lasting Professional Khol in 01 Intense Black / SGD$4.90

Good makeup doesn’t have to be expensive. Whatever you are comfortable with, works best for you. Like most of my cosmetics, I have been using this for years, and many more to come. It does smudge if you are not careful, but I am satisfied with its lasting colour at that price.

One reason why I do not use liquid eyeliner is that, it can get really messy if you are not careful. Unless you have really stable hands or fingers, I would strongly recommend crayon/pencil eyeliner – but this is after all personal preference. I would choose to use crayon eyeliner because you do not need to have crazily stable hands or fingers, and you can draw it slow, and blending in with the eyeshadow by colouring in softly.

Extend the length of eye with Rhomlon® Long Lasting Professional Khol in 01 Intense Black over your existing eyes length to create that big-and-long-eyes-look.

Please always do remember to sharpen your eyeliner before using, you wouldn’t want a smudged round tip at the corner.

Step 5: Reapplication of Eyeshadow

This is to blend in the shadings as the eyeliner might look too much of a harsh line – another reason why I choose not to use liquid eyeliner because unlike crayon eyeliner, they can blend in with the eyeshadow powders well – which is important for the smokey eyes look.

This time, extend the application of eyeshadow to the end of your drawn eyeliner. Also, apply BLACKOUT shade onto the corner of your lower eyelids as well – to visually further extend the length of your eyes, as well as creating a bigger eye effect.

Step 6: Applying Blusher

M.A.C Sheertone Blush Pink Swoon

Brushes sold seperately – and they are usually costly. Please remember to get soft fine brush or your face is going to get caked up really bad. Money cannot be saved on brushes.

I have always thought blusher was an insignificant procedure in the makeup – because I am born with naturally reddish cheeks. Unfortunately, it is not the kind of radiance that I wanted, instead it is more of a skin sensitivity issue.

Finding the perfect blusher shade is important – especially for the smokey eyes look. Having it too bright gives people the impression of a Chinese ghostly doll or some kind of Chinese opera performance, and when you have it too dark – you look like you are ready for a Halloween party.

Remember to always smile when you are applying blusher. The man loves it when I do this – because I am the happiest at this time.

Step 7: Contouring Nose

Most people use bronzer for contouring the nose and face, but I have a cheaper alternative which works just as well.

Using the other end of Naked 2 eyeshadow brush – the bigger tip – gently brush across your eyeshadow and around the eye sockets. This helps to further blend in the eyeshadows and eyeliner.

With the excess powder still in the tip, apply them softly onto the side of your nose bridge and down along to the end of your nose tip. It might look really weird on the first try but keep blending them and they will look fine. Of course – please keep the shades light – or you are going to look like Ru Hua 如花.

Note: Please always check the tip before brushing out the eyeshadow. I was careless once – the tip was somehow stained with black powders – and I created the panda-look right after, effortlessly. I had to re-apply my entire eye makeup – and you ladies know how it can ruin your day.

How Do I Check The Tip?

Brush the tip on your wrist to check for colours. If there are shades of black and brown from applications previously, brush until the tip is clean. Don’t worry if your wrist are stained black, the excess powders can be easily washed out.

The Final Step: Drawing of Eyebrows

I am happy to say that I can skip this step entirely now – with 3D Eyebrow Embroidery done about two months back.

Thank you Kelly from Perfect Brow House, I am still loving my eyebrows and it gets even more natural everyday! Read to find out more about my 3D Eyebrow Embroidery | Perfect Brow House – with documentation of the entire procedure.

Anyway, I hope you are good at drawing your eyebrows.

Completion of Makeup Tutorial

And finally, we have completed the makeup tutorial!

Now, let us compare the BEFORE and AFTER.

You can tell my eyes are so much bigger now, and with double eyelid. 🙂

The Final Look

Now that the makeup tutorial is completed, let me apply makeup on the other side for the full makeup look.

I am definitely proud of my makeup skills. 😀

Thank you loves, for taking the time to read.

I hope the tutorial helps – especially for the single eyelid ladies out there!

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