My Wedding Journey: Chapter 9 | Unforeseen Circumstances ♡

My Wedding Journey:
Chapter 9 | Unforeseen Circumstances

Everything was going so smoothly, never would we – the Man and I – have expected there to be changes in our wedding.

Wedding planning helps but remember to manage your expectations and with incidents such as a sudden death in the family, we must be strong to deal with it.

I hope that nothing like this will happen to any of you, but remember, hope for the best but always be prepared for the worst – in any case if some things go wrong. By managing your expectations and learning to accept that things won’t go exactly as planned on your wedding day, it’s easier to cope when things go wrong.

Change of Wedding Date

Me and the Man hereby announced that our Wedding Day scheduled for 28th November 2014 has been brought forward to 31st October 2014, Friday.

Venue remains the same – Novotel, Clarke Quay, Phoenix Grand Ballroom.

The reason for the change of date is that there has been a sudden death in the man’s family – his beloved grandmother.

For those who are involved in the wedding plannings and especially our guests, we hope for the understanding of this unforeseen circumstances under which we have taken this decision.

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Please keep praying for the peace of the departed soul.

Change of Wedding Date Due To A Death In The Family (Chinese Tradition)

This may be unfathomable to most of you – especially if you are not familiar with the Chinese culture or tradition.

There are a number of Chinese Wedding Taboos, and this is one of them:

If one of the members in either bride’s or groom’s immediate family (in our case – his grandmother) passes away, the bride or groom has to be in mourning – whereby the wedding will either be conducted within 100 days of the death, or postponed till 3 years (1000 days) after the death.

Note: Mourners engaging in entertainment and social activities such as weddings, birthday parties, festive visiting are considered being disrespectful to the deceased parent.

Since our initial planned wedding date was just a month after the 100 days, and with our wedding arrangements about 75% done, we have decided to bring forward instead of postponing to a thousand days later – although the fact that our BTO flat will only be completed in 4 years time has been put into consideration and discussion.

Other Chinese Wedding Preparations

Now that we have confirmed the final changes with Novotel, Clarke Quay, we have started preparing for other wedding arrangements – such as the Wedding Invitation Cards and 過大禮 (Guo Da Li), not forgetting 安床 (An Chuang).

I will share with you more of those on my blog soon, as everything is still in the midst of preparation.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that my favourite gown is not available for my brought-forward wedding date. It was dampening to the mood – still is – as I don’t think I can find another gown as perfect as that. I will be going down to Whitelink Bridal some time next week for another round of wedding gown selection.

Well, good luck to me.

Updates on my blog soon!

Thank you loves, for taking the time to read.

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