Work Life Tips: Experience Vs. Non-Experience ♡


Not acquiring experience while you are a student puts you behind other candidates who did get experience.

And this is the harsh working society reality.

Let me share with you my personal experience and some tips to get yourself a head start in the working society 🙂


I urge for you to have experience before you officially step into the working society, and the reason is simple. You wouldn’t want to land yourself in the scenario whereby
the employer requires experience and you have none.


During my school days, I was having a hard time looking for jobs. I was from LASALLE College of the Arts and I major in Graphic and Interactive Design. The working society back then – alike now – was already in high demands of fresh graduates with experience (which made me think, “how is that even possible???”) and thus I started to look for part time jobs or freelance projects while I was still in college.

However, I have tried all ways from job agencies to job search portals – to no avail. It was probably due to my weak resume (which I will touch on in my later blog post) and no working experiences. Either that, or I was just plain unlucky.

What I did back then was to look, look and look, wait, wait, and wait. And thankfully, I was fortunate to get to know friends in different fields and industries with opportunites for me to have a start off. I started taking on part time jobs introduced by them as well as occasional freelance projects to build up my design portfolio.

That was the only thing I could do back then – and I figured it was good enough.

Recently, I came across a job search portal – wished I had come across much earlier so that I wouldn’t be in such bad state then – that specialises in contractual, temporary and especially part time jobs in Singapore.

I hope this might be of help and useful to share with those that were in my position.


From my personal experience, it is important to have part time jobs for students – even just some or little – to gain work experiences which is high demanded for most employers. Why I would say that is because during every interview or emails that I received, especially in my field, employers require to see your portfolio and I must say frankly that student portfolios, no matter how outstanding your artworks are, do not interest them, at all.

What they want is true working experiences.

During which, I am proud to showcase my awesome artworks, from genuine clients. I may not have graduated then, but having work experience – freelance projects and various part time jobs singapore experiences – definitely gives me confidence while speaking to local employers here, and that highly enhances my chances of getting the job. From there, each project that I have taken on not only strengths my portfolio, it also builds up the confidence in me as well, while I am stepping closer to the working society.

Working before you graduate illustrates to employers that you are serious about your career and appreciate the value of getting a head start. It is a good idea to get some part-time, temporary or volunteer work experience during your college years, just like me!


Now let’s be back on a serious tone.

Let me share with you some tips on getting your right working experience.

Before you set about acquiring experience – in college or after gradation – think about what skills you want to develop, what talents you want to cultivate and use, and what experiences would interest an employer. Then choose your options accordingly.

Choose positions that relate in some way to your college major, even if you have to volunteer due to the weak job market. Your education will have more meaning and both pursuits with benefit each other.

However, if you can’t find a job in your chosen field of study, any job is better than none, as long as you remain focused on your first priority.

“Succeeding in your path of study and absorbing the knowledge you’re there to gain.”


Through the above exercise mentioned, you will learn that you already have what employers are looking for and that you will just need to package it properly in your résumé, cover letter and interview – which makes finding jobs a whole lot easier!

I hope my personal experience and these little tips I shared help you on your way to working society.

Good luck!

Thank you loves, for taking the time to read.

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