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Loving Mucota SCENA Hair Treatment

I have recently went for Mucota DYNA Hair Treatment at Headlines Hairdressing for the 136419264th time. This is one of the BEST hair treatments for treating frizzy and unruly hair – out of the many I have tried elsewere thus far.

Ever since I had tried on this treatment close to two years ago, I know I will be doing this for a long long long time. I especially love how it makes my hair look naturally straight and feeling sumptuously silky soft.

And of course, most importantly, it doesn’t cost a bomb.

First, have a look at my frizzy hair.

Mucota SCENA Hair Treatment | Hair Replair

Brava contains matrix keratin and fibril keratin which make up hair’s cortex as repair components for severe damage, and amino acid which is CMC component for mild damage. Also, with mixing silk PPT which has cuticle repairing effect and pearl proteins (hydrolyzed conchiolin) handles various damages.

For the entire procedure of treatment, do check out my much earlier post on the Mucota SCENA Hair Treatment.

After Mucota SCENA Hair Treatment.

Hair Roots Colour Touch Up.

So my black hair roots has grown out again. I am always reprimanded for not religiously going for hair roots touch up and it gives him a hard time every time.

So since here I already am, let’s do my hair roots colour touch up as well.

You know I look gorgeous, at the wonder hands of my personal hairstylist –
Charles D. Tan. He always makes me look pretty and photo-ready with my soft silky bright hair!

He will be your favourite hairstylist too, because trust me.

I am your perfect example.

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Thank you loves, for taking the time to read.

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  1. Sharmila Silva - November 13, 2017 reply

    Hi can i ask if u do mucota hair perm treatment? And whats the cost. Thanks

    • Vikki Effynius - November 14, 2017 reply

      Hi, thank you for visiting my blog! Unfortunately I do not perm my hair but I’m guessing the price should be about the same – S$1xx. You may want to check with the salon. Number in post 🙂

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