Beauty Tips: 5 Korean Face Masks for Happy Skin ♡

Beauty Tips: For Happy Skin

Putting our best face forward everyday means that we’re constantly exposing our skin to the elements which can sometimes leave it thirsty and weathered. On top of an essential cleansing routine, pampering your skin with a little something extra is a great way to take your beauty regimen to a whole new level and give your skin the TLC it deserves.

Korean beauty products do exactly that! The latest beauty craze to take the world by storm, Korean beauty goodies are adored for their adorable packaging, unusual concoctions, exotic ingredients and ultimately, effective results.

Face masks are their specialty and everything from sheet to bubble masks have got beauty addicts swooning over their promises to transform skin texture, draw out impurities, brighten the complexion, re-set the ageing process and more.

I will be sharing with you the five Korean masks that you absolutely have to try and whether you choose to use it alone or as part of your 10-step routine, you are bound to find something here that you will fall in love with.


Here are five personally-picked Korean face masks for you 🙂

SKINFOOD | Black Sugar Mask Wash Off

One of Skinfood‘s holy grail products, this baby is loaded with brown sugar grains that exfoliate away at your dermis, leaving behind baby soft skin scented with the slightest hint of delicious caramel. The sugar granules dissolve as you massage the product in so as not to irritate or damage the delicate skin surrounding your face but there’s still enough grit in them to give your face a proper scrub. The product’s hydrating formula is also wonderfully lush and moisturizing.

ELIZAVECCA | Bubble Clay Mask

Treat your face to a relaxing bubble bath with this Elizavecca‘s unique product. Formulated with charcoal powder, green tea and collagen, this mask draws out impurities, sloughs away dead skin cells and pulls out icky pore-clogging dirt and sebum. The product consists of a gooey clay paste that when applied onto the skin, begins to bubble and froth away into a layer of tingly, foamy goodness. Massage the foam into your skin for about 1-2 minutes and rinse it off to reveal glowy, refreshed skin.

INNISFREE | It’s Real Squeeze Mask

When it comes to affordable sheet masks that deliver, Innisfree’s It’s Real Squeeze Masks are some of the most consistent ones around. Super-saturated in serums bursting with fresh, natural ingredients designed to target different concerns, pick one depending on your skin’s needs. Dry skin? Opt for Cucumber or Aloe. Need a brightness boost? Go with Acai Berry for instantly luminous skin. Because they’re so affordable, you can easily rotate between a few favourites for a nightly dose of indulgence.

TONY MOLY | Earth Beauty Rice Mask Sheet

The sheet mask from Tony Moly is made from actual rice paper that you’re meant to re-hydrate with an accompanying pack filled with essence that has been enriched with seven organic grain substances rich in antioxidants and brightening properties. Upon contact with the essence, the mask transforms into a gel sheet that clings and contours to your face, infusing it with all the goodness from the ingredients. Leave it on for about 15-20 minutes and pat in the remaining essence for moisturised, dewy skin.

LANEIGE | Water Sleeping Mask

Sleeping masks are built on the principle that skin regeneration reaches its nude peak between the hours of 10pm-2am and Laneige’s Water Sleeping Mask is one of the market’s most sought after products within this category – and with good reason. It’s gel-like texture melts into the dermis, locks in hydration and rejuvenates your face as you catch some zzzs. You’ll wake up to unquestionably plump, bouncy skin.

Where To Get These Korean Masks?

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Thank you loves, for taking the time to read.

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