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The Latest Nose Aesthetic Procedure: Nose Threadlift

And so, I went for Nose Threadlift at Tiffiny Yang Aesthetics & Surgery last Friday, and I am absolutely loving it!

This is a relatively new procedure here in Singapore, while in Korea and Japan, it has been in trend for some time. As compared to fillers, this has a more lasting effect, but together with fillers, Nose Threadlift has the best results for nose contouring and high bridge.

Nose Threadlift is alike Rhinoplasty, but non-surgical and has practically no down time at all. It does not involve going under the knife if you are conservative and concerned about that. And the best thing is, without all of those scary things, it has about the same effect of a plastic nose job!

I will be sharing about this latest amazing nose aesthetic procedure so read on to find out more 🙂

What is Nose Threadlift?

Nose Threadlift is an aesthetic procedure that can improve your nose contours and also enhance the shape and height of your nose without surgery. This is a very popular procedure in Korea and Japan. It is commonly known as the “lunch-time” nose lift in Korea and Japan because of its minimal down time.

The procedure is specially targeted on giving you a straighter, higher and more defined nose bridge or nose tip. In addition, Nose Threadlift can also lift your nose tip and make it appear smaller and sharper.

Results produced by Nose Threadlift:

✿ Lifting of the nose tip to make it sharper and smaller
✿ Straighter nose profile
✿ Greater definition of the nose bridge
✿ Higher nose bridge

How does Nose Threadlift work?

The threads used for the Nose Threadlift procedure are called PDO (polydixanone) threads. The PDO threads have been scientifically proven to be fully absorbed by the body after some time. As the PDO threads dissolve over time, they create new collagen, and tissue fibroblasts in the skin, which results in tighter skin, hence enhancing the nose’s definition and contour.

In addition, once inserted, the nose threads act as a scaffolding structure which immediately helps to contour, give definition, sharpen, lift and or shape the nose as desired without surgery.

This is what the threads used in Tiffiny Yang Aesthetics & Surgery look like.

Why Nose Threadlift?

People strongly believe that the only way to achieve a higher, more defined nose is to undergo an invasive nose implant surgery – which in actual fact, Nose Threadlift – a non-surgical and minimally invasive procedure with almost no down time – can also help you obtain a higher and more defined nose and nose tip.

For those who are also concerned about the risks of filler treatment such as spread, migration or lump formation, Nose Threadlift provides a good alternative to enhancing the features of the nose without the attending risks of filler treatments.

Nose Threadlift: Consultation

It is important to understand the procedure that you will be doing.

Before procedure, Dr. Tiffiny Yang accesses my nose and recommends what is good or bad for me, and what to expect and not. She does not insist to have me go through unnecessary procedures (which I greatly appreciate) and advised in honest opinion that I should not be doing more fillers on my nose bridge (which I wanted) – as there are still existing nose fillers.

However, if your fillers have faded or have not done fillers before, it is highly recommended to combine both procedures together for optimum results.

She explains that in my case, after years of fillers, the bridge broadens up over time. Nose threadlift at this point will be perfect for me – as this procedure aims to achieve better definition of nose shape as well as lifting bridge and tip – preventing my existing bridge fillers from spreading and widening. Most importantly, this procedure fixes the cleft on my nose tip better than fillers done alone – and so with fillers faded on my tip, it is best with the combination.

She also patiently explains how the procedure will be done, making sure that I have all questions answered before proceeding.

Mind at ease 🙂

Nose Threadlift: Numbing Cream

Before the application of numbing cream, makeup on areas receiving treatment is required to be removed.

Numbing cream is then applied and to be left on for 15 minutes for reducing discomfort of anesthesia injections.

Nose Threadlift: Preparation

Area to be treated is marked in white (not the usual blue ink) – indication of the ideal point for placing the Nose Threadlift.

Nose Threadlift: Local Anesthesia

Local anesthesia is injected along the nose bridge as well as columella – numbing the entire nose area in preparation for Nose Threadlift treatment.

Was There Any Pain?

Nope. I can feel the needle poking in but there was no pain at all during the anesthetia injection – except for columella – which was a sharp pain but lasting only for a split second. I thank the numbing cream and her professionally steady hands.

Nose Threadlift: Procedure

Step 1: A small injection is placed – only one point on the nose tip is required for the entire treatment procedure – before insertion of the Nose Threadlift.

Step 2: The threads are placed horizontally into the nose bridge for contouring, definition, and shaping of nose.

Close up shots of one point threadlift insertion.

Step 3: The threads are placed vertically into the nose tip for lifting and sharpening of the tip.

Step 4: Shaping the nose for the final look.

Nose Threadlift: Completion of Procedure

The procedure is now completed! I have about 10 threads in my nose bridge and about 4 in the tip.

Was There Any Pain?

The procedure is painless because of the local anesthesia on top of numbing cream.

Pain Level: 0/10

How Long Is The Procedure?

The entire threadlift procedure is done in under 15 minutes.

Nose Threadlift: Post Procedure

Nose Threadlift result is instant.

You can obviously tell right after the procedure that I have a distinctively well defined nose from high bridge to sharp tip, and looking perfectly natural.

It does not look odd after procedure – unlike nose fillers done alone – which might look a little stiff and too sharp and narrow for your liking during the initial recovery days, although they eventually settle in naturally.

Apart from the slight bruise (which practically doesn’t exist – much to my surprise) and main threadlift injection hole, you can’t really tell that I have done anything to my nose.

I am sooooo much in looooove with the newly enhanced nooooose 🙂

Oh, and also, apart from my Nose Threadlift procedure, I had my touch up session of 1-Point V Face | Chin Filler + Botox Jaw as well.

Click for more details on the procedure 🙂

Nose Threadlift: Final Look


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Thank you loves, for taking the time to read.

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  1. Hi, may i know how much do they cost and do they charge extra for extra threads?

    • Vikki Effynius - May 22, 2017 reply

      Hi K,

      Nose Threadlift for nose full nose will be $1000 and nose bridge at $680. There are no extra charges within same sitting 🙂

  2. Hi good morning! I would like to inquire regarding the non surgical noselift thread lift if how much the cost and how long it would last. Thank you

    • Vikki Effynius - June 7, 2017 reply

      Hi Fely,

      Nose Threadlift is at $680 (nose bridge only) and $1000 (full nose). It should last about 1 to 2 years, depending on each individual 🙂

  3. Hi, I live in Canada and can not leave my young son to travel, was wondering if you have trained any doctors in Canada and if so do you have any Canadian refferals for the threadlift for chin/nose?


    • Vikki Effynius - June 20, 2017 reply

      Hi Vie,

      Thanks for visiting!

      Unfortunately my doctor does not have any referrals in Canada 🙂

  4. Hi,

    Is there a high chance for bruising? Are you using all blunt cannulas?

  5. Hello there! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that would be okay. I’m definitely enjoying your blog and look forward to new updates.

  6. Hi Dra,

    It’s possible to get this treatment if my nose has filler?

    • Vikki Effynius - December 16, 2017 reply

      Hi I don’t know who is Dra but yes you can get this treatment done with fillers. I had mine with fillers and result is brilliant.

  7. what is full nose $1000 included?

    • Vikki Effynius - December 25, 2017 reply

      Hi Candy, full nose means from bridge to tip as you can choose to do individual areas 🙂

  8. Hi hi,
    Thank u for sharing 🙂
    May I ask if $1,000 from bridge to tip is inclusive of consultation and GST?

    Thks again!

    • Vikki Effynius - January 19, 2018 reply

      Hi Jaime,

      Thank you for visiting! $1000 is before GST, so will be $1070 after. Consultation is $80 for first visit but can be waived if proceed with treatment on the same visit.

      Hope this helps!

      • Thanks again for your respond 😙
        It’s been more than a year after the procedure.
        How are you still liking your nose?
        Did you get it re-done again?

        • Vikki Effynius - January 21, 2018 reply

          Still loving my nose, the bridge still stays and I haven’t gotten any touch up done yet 🙂

          • Thank you! 😙
            You gave alot of confidence for me to proceed my appointment next week!

  9. Vikki Effynius - January 21, 2018 reply

    Great to know! 😘

  10. Can you still do nose threading with nose fillers still in your nose ?

    • Vikki Effynius - March 21, 2018 reply

      Hi Lan, sure you can! I did nose threadlift with existing fillers 🙂

  11. Hi, was there any downtime for the treatment? Can you go out on the same day after the thread lift?

    • Vikki Effynius - May 10, 2018 reply

      Hi Charmaine, there is no downtime for this treatment. Some may experience slight bruises but it doesn’t affect at all. I went out on the same day! 🙂

  12. Hi, I do have upturned nose tip, can it be fix by nose thread?

    • Vikki Effynius - May 11, 2018 reply

      Hi Lau, of course! It can be fixed with nose tip threadlift 🙂

  13. OK, I still don`t get it… what is the difference between nose threadlift and rhinoplasty? And if I undergo a threadlift how long it will last?

    • Vikki Effynius - June 12, 2018 reply

      Hi, nose threadlift is a non-surgical procedure whereas rhinoplasty requires going under the knife – which is irreversible. Nose threadlift should last 1-2 years or even more. 🙂

  14. Arlene Lee - July 17, 2018 reply

    Hi , I have a rhinoplasty done way back in 1983. I would like to know whether I can still do the Nose threadlift

  15. Hi, I just wanna find out from you if there’s any bleeding in your nose during and after the procedure (nose thread lift)
    I did mine recently and had nose bleed during the process.

    • Vikki Effynius - November 2, 2018 reply

      Hi Jess, do you mean bleeding from nose or the injection area? I did not have any bleeding from nose but had some bruises 🙂

  16. The process looks easy and fast. Definitely happy that the procedure is painless because of the local anesthesia on top of numbing cream.

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