My New Hair Colour For The New Year 2017 | Headlines Hairdressing ♡

My New Hair Colour For The New Year 2017

Just in time for a new hair colour with Matrix Wonderlight at Headlines Hairdressing for the New Year 2017!

As usual, I reached the place with the warmest greeting from my personal hairstylist – Charles D. Tan – “HELLO WHY YOU NEVER COMB YOUR HAIR AGAIN?”

Of course, I didn’t know what was the fuss about because I was in a rush and I didn’t have time to look at the back of my head and I really really really didn’t know it was so bad, until………

Some kind of newly self-made crazy hair trend.

10 decades have passed… cobwebs grown all over him while trying to comb through my deadly knotted hair.

TADAAAHHH!!! Hair brilliantly fixed – without chopping off any strands. The frizzy ends is an issue but they can be easily restored to glory with Headlines Hairdressing‘s highlighted Mucota Dyna Argan Oil Hair Treatment.

But now, here comes another major problem.

My white hairs all over.

Once again Charles D. Tan shrieked in horror seeing all these white fellas.

Restoring My Hair To Glory With A New Colour | Matrix Wonder Light™

After all that hassle of fixing the terrible knots (and especially the torture of going through Charles D. Tan‘s endless nagging – it was funny though), it’s time to put on a new colour coat for my dying hair.

I previously bleached the bottom part of my hair for a gradient look but with my stubborn hair – and my laziness to maintain – it didn’t turn out so well. With that, we decided to go with something simplier this time – a full colour in Chestnut Brownish Red.

I have never tried a hair colour anywhere close to red before, but why not?

Always try a new look to find the best you 🙂

Matrix Wonder Light™ and its brilliant 3D colours with reflecting shine to add life to my hair – especially the frizzy hair ends with dead colour.

Starting off with the white fellas at the top of my head.

As always, Charles D. Tan patiently make his wonder hands work magic on my hair. It is definitely not easy because my hair is almost at my arse. That takes about double the time of an average person.

He was thrilled when I allowed him to chop off a couple inches off my hair.

Leaving most of the hairdye at the bottom of my hair to fix the dead colours.

My New Hair Colour For The New Year 2017

You know I look gorgeous, at the wonder hands of my personal hairstylist –
Charles D. Tan. He always makes me look pretty and photo-ready with my soft silky bright hair!

He will be your favourite hairstylist too, because trust me.

I am your perfect example.

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