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Charm bracelets are pretty little pieces of jewellery – something on your wrist to flaunt, beautiful with attractive colour themes, fanciful pieces and most likely burning the pockets of many.

But there is more meaning to that of a charm bracelet.

The Meaning of Charm Bracelets

The charms signify important things in the wearer’s life – each marking meaningful events in their lives. A charm bracelet tells a story, a story of our own. Things that happened to us, leaving prints and impacts. Things that you want to remember. Things you want to hold on a memory for life.

All of these things make us who we are.

And I decided to have one – created specially for me and only me.

My very own little story of life 🙂

The Different Types of Charm Bracelets

There are many different styles of charm bracelets.

The more traditional ones are clipping of charms onto chain links – like Tiffany & Co and Thomas Sabo just to name a few – but they are totally off my style.

I personally prefer the new style of charm bracelet – with silver snake chain. This type of bracelet offers a more secure form of fastening charms to the bracelet, especially with threaded charms which you screw on the charm to the bracelet for extra security.

Pandora is exactly what I am looking for.


Some of their charms are not only beautiful, but meaningful as well. From their wide collection of charms – there are Family, Love, Friendship, Travel and so much more. They can certainly tell a lot in life.

I started making mental notes on some of the charms I want while browsing through their catalogue – those that speaks my life.

Their collection of plain bracelet alone has ranges so wide it took me quite awhile to decide on the perfect one.

My Pandora Bracelet & Collection Of Charms

I have since started my very own collection of charms less than 5 months ago – charms that are not only beautiful but with depth of meaning marking the significant moments in my life.

I have collected 4 (excluding 2 secure clasps) up till date.

Let’s care and share 😀

Bracelet | Moments Two Tone with Pandora Signature Clasp

I wouldn’t say their classic bracelet is boring but they are just not as appealing to me. They are a little too common for my liking and I don’t quite see anything distinctive about them. To each individual.

I’ve always liked gold, or rose gold, along with bling blings.

This is perfect. 

Charm | Lock of Love

Because we hold the key to each other’s heart 🙂

I love everything locks and keys – and this is the very first charm to seduce me into the world of Pandora.

This came together with the bracelet as a gift of love from the man.

He made my crazy dream shit happened 🙂

Charm | Family Roots Pendant

Because family means everything to me.

This is a locket, and I love lockets!

This two charms I have so far is a huge difference to that of a normal Pandora bracelet – with dangling blings but non hook-ons. Most of their charms are slot-ons.

Charm | Virgo Star Sign

Born on 16 September.

All traits of a true Virgo – the good and the bads.

Finally a classic non-dangling Pandora charm.

Charm | Forever In My Heart

A Valentine’s Day gift from the man.

The charm that I’ve always longed for because it looks so beautiful – with a dangling yellow gold heart – and most importantly, our story behind it.

Clip | Logo Charm | PANDORA ROSE™ Collection

Basically for aesthetical and functional purposes – adding on colours to my otherwise plain silver and yellow gold look – as suggested and personally chosen by the man. Great choice because clips gives stronger support for the bracelet and helps to space out your charms as well.

My Story

This is the bracelet of my very own story.

And this is probably the prettiest Pandora bracelet design you ever seen and I deserve an award for it.

Next, we will see what’s coming more ahead and what wonderful (maybe even sad) moments life has for me.

To be updated 🙂

My Pandora Wish List

Thank you loves, for taking the time to read.

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