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Durian Season 2018

It is the time of the year again – THE DURIAN SEASON – typically starts from June and lasts till September in Singapore, with durians streaming in by the truckloads from various parts of Malaysia.

During this season, you can expect not only fresh durians anywhere and everywhere but also cooked or baked durian delicacies as well, but I most definitely prefer durian at its original form.

Durian Delivery

Durians from Durian Delivery are freshly plucked from their very own plantation in Malaysia and delivered to Singapore for packing and delivery to your doorstep within 6 to 12 hours to ensure freshness and quality of durians.

✿ XO D24
✿ D101
✿ Red Prawn
✿ Mao Shan Wang
✿ Royal Old Tree Mao Shan Wang (AAA+)

Why Durian Delivery?

People who knows me well enough, I am one who prefers to personally hand pick my durians from stalls for I am a fussy durian eater.

And because so, I am not a fan of durian deliveries for way too many reasons. I have doubts. I do not get to choose the durians myself. I am uncertain about the quality of durians delivered. But when durians are sold out at your favourite stall, you just ain’t keen to try other disappointing stalls with crazy sky high prices that has durians nothing close to tasty. It doesn’t help when you have an extreme craving for durian but just too much of an lazy ass to step out of house.

And so I took my bet on Durian Delivery, for a try, for the very first time.

Much to my surprise, they are more than awesome.

My Virign And Awesome Experience With Durian Delivery

Since I was not able to choose the durians myself through delivery services, I made a note to them stating to pick the really bitter ones for me. They were prompt in responding and and patient in answering to all of my enquiries. They suggested Royal Old Tree Mao Shan Wang (AAA+) that promises 101% bitterness – or at least the most bitter ones they have.

The common Mao Shan Wang you get on streets are generally from young trees which are bitter sweet. This is my first time learning there are old trees which has much more bitterness compared to Mao Shan Wang.

Of course I have to try both!

My Order:
✿ 2 x Royal Old Tree Mao Shan Wang (AAA+) 400G
✿ 1 x Mao Shan Wang 400G

My Durian Feast: Mao Shan Wang MSW & Mao Shan Wang (AAA+) TSW

Yeay! My durians arrived in just within couple hours after order placed!

Thumbs up for the efficiency.

However, I was actually shocked and a little disappointed as I didn’t expect the durians to be packed in boxes since they are stated freshly plucked. I have always believed durians are at their best and freshest still in their husks. I NEVER get packed durians.

Well, since my durians are already here, I guess I will just try them out. I was honestly not expecting much at this point of time.

Unboxing My Durians

Although they are packed in boxes, their packaging are much different from the stalls on streets. They are not your usual styrofoam boxes with plastic wrappings. The durians are sealed air tight and there are clearly none of those moist in packet durians.



The smell was already driving me crazy before I started nomming. The size of durian is huge, and as you can clearly see from the photo that the seed is really small. The durian meat is tender and non sticky to the seed – and that is pure freshness.




They totally changed my perception of packed durians and I swear they are now my best of best of best favourites.

I. Am. Going. No. Where. Else.


+65 9387 4394 (WhatsApp)

Opening Hours:
Mondays to Sundays: 1000am – 2200pm


Effynius only recommends the best!

Thank you loves, for taking the time to read.

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