My New Big Change | Chambers Hair Salon ♡

Meet my personal hairstylist – Charles Tan
– now the proud owner of Chambers Hair Salon.

Chambers Hair Salon

My personal hairstylist – Charles Tan – has opened his very own hair salon – after years and years of hardwork. I am sooo proud of you! I know you will make it big some day, and you proved us all right.

Address and details of Chamber Hair Salon at the end of post.

Chamber Hair Salon.

Charles and his craze for Supreme.

Chamber‘s very own Hall of Fame.

My New Hair Colour

I haven’t been doing my hair for lengthy time. Charles has been really busy coping with his then job and preparing for his new salon, and I REFUSED to let ANYONE ELSE touch my precious tresses. Strictly only him.

Ready for my big change!

Firstly, a new hair colour. As usual, I leave all decision making to Charles.
I never knew which shade to pick and he always knows what’s best for me.

The really long tresses they have to manage – every single time.

My new hair colour is sexy AF.

Now For The New Big Change

I… am… gonna… shave… this… off…

In… 3… 2… 1…

Here we go.

Officially half bold.


Farewell, my precious hair.

Final Touches

Absolutely adoring this brand new look.

Dolling up with curls for the final touch. Sweet.

My New Big Change

I am looking like a princess and rockstar whichever and whenever I want.

You know I look gorgeous, at the wonder hands of my personal hairstylist –
Charles D. Tan. He never fail to do so!

He will be your favourite hairstylist too, because, trust me.

I am your perfect example.

78 South Bridge Road #01-01
Singapore 058708

+65 6909 2033

Opening Hours:
Mondays to Fridays: 1100am – 800pm
Saturdays: 1100am – 7pm
Sundays & Public Holidays: 1100am – 5pm


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