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In this post, I will be sharing with you on the aesthetic beauty procedures I have done over the years – in wonder hands of Dr. Tiffiny Yang – my trusted aesthetic doctor.

Beautify yourself with these non-invasive aesthetic beauty procedures for the Chinese New Year 2019 – without the need to go under the knife, and absolutely no downtime.

Results are instant.

The Latest Nose Aesthetic Procedure: Nose Threadlift

People strongly believe that the only way to achieve a higher, more defined nose is to undergo an invasive nose implant surgery – which in actual fact, Nose Threadlift – a non-surgical and minimally invasive procedure with almost no down time – can also help you obtain a higher and more defined nose and nose tip.

In short, Nose Threadlift is alike Rhinoplasty – without going under the knife.

For those who are also concerned about the risks of filler treatment such as spread, migration or lump formation, Nose Threadlift provides a good alternative to enhancing the features of the nose without the attending risks of filler treatments.

However, Nose Threadlift gives the best results for nose contouring and high bridge, together with fillers.

Nose Threadlift result is instant.

It does not look odd after procedure – unlike nose fillers done alone – which might look a little stiff and too sharp and narrow for your liking during the initial recovery days, although they eventually settle in naturally.

Together with my Nose Threadlift procedure, I had my touch up session of 1-Point V Face | Chin Filler + Botox Jaw as well.

I am sure you will love it, should you decide to go for it.

I am your perfect example.


Nose Threadlift Procedure

Nose Fillers Procedure

1-Point V Face | Chin Filler + Botox Jaw

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