Indulging In Serenity.

04:32 AM

I am sitting at my usual spot of the house — on my very particular dining chair at the table, taking puffs — reading one of my favourite author’s novel Melissa HillThe Hotel On Mulberry Bay」— as well as doing the usual — playing my favourite no brainer game「Hay Day」.

I am feeling genuinely relaxed, that I haven’t been for lengthy time.

I am having intense headache and drowsiness from medications — what with the flu, sleeping and anxiety pills combinations — but I am absolutely enjoying my me time right now.

I was told by my psychiatrist today that I REALLY NEEDED sleep. My stubborn self refused. I don’t want to, at least not quite yet. I am not about to put anything down letting myself drifting into sleep, not just yet.

I am enjoying every single waking moment right now — however much tired I am — and I am cherishing it to the fullest, or rather, to my extreme limit — to the point I may collapse.

As how it has been for weeks.

Thank you loves, for taking the time to read.

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