Am I Doing The Right Thing?

I’m not sure if I’m being fair to my baby princess Mochi for strictly limiting her to kibbles since when she was born. It has since been 7 months plus now.

It was actually a phobia from my previous little precious Berri whom was fed with all the goodness — rice, eggs, meat and many others. It was all good for more than half of his life, even vet asked what I fed him everyday because she was impressed with his good health, especially his excellent teeth and gums. We were thrilled and have since continued feeding him with the usual.

It was a few years later that my little precious was diagnosed with severe diabetes — needing two jabs of insulin — every day. I was heartbroken. I self blamed. I was in extreme guilt. It must have been the feast I fed him over the years, and the occasional rice and snacks (dog-friendly) in between meals.

This resulted in my strict diet with my new baby princess now. On my birthday few days ago, we decided to treat her to some veggies — which we assumed were healthy enough without causing any problem. We really do not want to take the risk of allergies or any other medical conditions now that she is still fresh on her recovery route from her broken leg and minor skin inflammation.

I was actually really worried when I was preparing her food on my birthday, but, I really shouldn’t deprived her of all these goodness due to what happened previously, right? Still, I wanted to start off simple — without meat and rice.

I hope that I can overcome myself and that my little girl is strong enough for everything.

The past should not affect the future. I want the best for my darling girl, but still going about it with utmost caution.

She loves the fresh veggies and carrots with her kibbles and it made me smile, it made me happy.

My baby girl, you deserve so much more, especially after what you have been through for past months.

I really hope I am, and will be doing the right thing.

Thank you loves, for taking the time to read.

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