My Thoughts on Joker — The Movie ♡

Much was discussed about the latest Joker movie — drawing a direct connection between mental illness and violence.

It suggests that people with mental illnesses are inherently violent, especially without proper treatment. Yes, it’s true. However, you need to understand that in reality, these people are far more likely to hurt themselves — or to be victims of violence — than they are to hurt others.

I am a victim of mental illness. I have been struggling with depression and anxiety disorder for years now. I was warned off this movie in particular that it can elevate your suicidal thoughts and possibly ‘setting yourself free’ — alike the Joker.

For those of you whom are afraid or decided against the movie due to its mental approach, I would like to clarify that — it is perfectly okay to watch.

However, people with coulrophobia should need to consider. The movie is made with scenes after scenes of painted faces and masks of clowns. I am not afraid of clowns, but there is this particular clown mask that I find perturbing, yet intriguing, and I was drawn to it as much as it disturbs me.

I would say this movie is a deep one — leaving audiences unfathomed and cudgelling brains — but definitely NOT disquieting — as what many reviews has shown.

The society has already the lack of nurturing people experiencing or fighting against mental illnesses. And in the way the movie portrays, it gives us more reasons to dislike and distrust these people in distress.

What I really want to highlight is that — the TRUE VIOLENCE in this movie is NOT about ANY mental condition — but BLAMING these cruelty and senseless killings — ON MENTAL ILLNESS.

Lastly, this movie is all about what the Joker signs out at the end.

You wouldn’t get it.

Thank you loves, for taking the time to read.

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