Relating To A Novel So Close To Heart ♡

Yet another good read「The Choices We Make」by Karma Brown — a new author to me — that I came across by chance during my previous library trip.

Every page reminds me of my bestie, Cat.

This novel is so much of me, so much of her, and definitely so much of us.

In ways that their friendship had been going on for 3 decades, the two ladies were way much more than true sisters can be. And personally in my case, alike the character in the novel, I too, will most probably never have the chance to be a Mother — which then leads on to show how much a bestie would do or sacrifice, just to see her best friend happy.

In this book, it shows the true bond of a friendship with no boundaries — there are so many things you can and would do for your loved ones and vice versa — going to great lengths you never knew you could.

A beautiful story, with a bittersweet ending, closing the chapters with recaps of their childhood days, after one of them had died.

This almost tore me apart.

I haven’t been in much contact with my bestie for some time now, for I have been fighting against my mental illness, really hard, and really bad.

I am truly beholden to her.

She understands me in ways no one ever could — without the need for words, not even expressions, or whichever ways.

I miss her dearly.

I will get better.

And I will see her soon.

Thank you loves, for taking the time to read.

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