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Craving for Japanese food?

Enjoy Premium Sushi and Sashimi in the comfort of your home with Sushi Delivery!

As we all know, it has been quite an excruciating time during this CB (Circuit Breaker) period. Not that the dweeb is complaining.

But when you are made to stay home for an extended period of time #stayhomesg – with only that much food choices – you are pretty much jaded.

I am a Japanese food lover, but I haven’t had them since CB Day 1 because I only ever dine in Japanese restaurants – for good and fresh sushi. Home delivered Japanese food has never been an option, at least not for me.

But, the craving is too strong, for too long.

Maybe just this once.

I am rather fussy when it comes to sushi so I shall not go for those random ones in food delivery platforms. I did some googling and found a list of best online sushi delivery services by Best In Singapore. I have dined in some of those listed – which are pretty good – so why not try something new?

Let’s give their #1 a shot!

The Luxury of Relishing A Spread of Japanese Food At Home

I had the luxury of relishing a spread of Japanese food on my dining table in the comfort of my home – because Sushi Delivery made it possible!

The delivery came promptly, and everything is well packed. Much to my surprise when sushi is small and other stuff can be easily messed up. I was elated to have my food delivered fresh too!

1 Hour Express Free Delivery is available as well.

Check their website for more details.

Premium Japanese Food & Sushi For Dinner

Chicken Karaage Set Bento 鶏のから揚げ弁当セット S$10.90

The Karaage arrived warm, still crispy on the outside, and tastily seasoned. Yeay! Who doesn’t love fried chicken?

Shrimp Crouton エビクルトン [5pcs] S$4.90

Not something I will usually order, but let’s try something new. Fairly okay.

Tako Yaki タコ焼き [5pcs] S$4.90

The fish flakes are still crispy! Most others would have been soggy by the time they reach you. I do not take mayonnaise so do note to them if you want them without – they come with loads.

California Maki カリフォルニアまき [8pcs] S$10.90

This. Is. Pure. Freshness. Did I mention I loooveee roes?

Kappa Maki カッパマキ [1 Roll] (V) S$3.90

I should have ordered more. Even a simple sushi like kappa maki is so good. Their sushi rice is loaded with awesomeness. Photo does not do justice to it.

Chuka Kurage S$4.67 S$4.00

A little on the salty side, but all else is good.

Yam Net Sponge Roll ヤムネットスポンジロール [5pcs] S$5.90

Never tried anything like this, and was skeptical at first. But, it actually taste awesome. Crispy on the outside, tender inside. A must-try for yam lovers.

Kani Salad 可児サラダ S$8.30 S$6.90

I have to say this is reaaaaally good. I almost devoured the bowl itself. THIS IS DEFINITELY A MUST-TRY even if you are not a salad lover.

What are you waiting for?

Get your restaurant grade sushi fix today!


Delivery Hours:
Daily: 10:45am – 9:45pm







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